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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

Welcome to Love Arts

Art documents the history of man. It is a true international language that helps bridge great cultural divides.

Art is communications that embodies all that has progressed and all that may come to be.

We endeavor to establish an evergreen
LOVE ARTS~CELEBRATE LIFE Campaign for greater learning and economic development through arts by venture philanthropy.

Special edutainment events and "greater learning through arts" programing are featured goals.

We seek to create opportunities with participating artists, individuals, organizations, institutions and businesses to underscore the power of arts to enlighten, encourage and empower humanity for societal good.

At we hope to create a network to promote these goals and hope you will find this site a useful tool to participate, comment and advance your own ideas to help with these challenges.

Visionary PLAYERS with resources are sought for leading roles of first stage development events.

Kindly contact James Comer for further details at